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Starting a Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) Program

Home health care is a cost-effective solution for your costliest patients

Home-based primary care (HBPC) programs provide desperately needed primary and palliative care and social services to more than 100,000 high-risk homebound patients. Implementing these programs shifts the use of healthcare services from emergency and inpatient care to community-based general care. High-risk, chronic patients with access to HBPC programs get regular care outside of the hospital, preventing them from worsening until they need emergency services and reducing the cost of their care while improving patient outcomes.

HBPC services improve patients’ quality of life and allow them to receive the high-quality compassionate care they want in their own homes. AAHCM has provided resources so you can make the case for and establish your own HBPC program.

Building your HBPC Program

What is HBPC?

Learn more about the program and why implementing one is the right choice for this patient population.


Download this evidence-based resource to help you establish a need case and begin building your program.

Proving the Value of HBPC

These tools will help you be a better partner to your high-risk, high-cost patients while trimming expenses.

Becoming the Ultimate Health Partner

HBPC programs aren’t just good for your bottom line, they create better community-based solutions for chronically ill patients.

Finding the Right Model

Using the right model is crucial to a successful program.

The Effects of Care

Hear from people bene tting from HBPC programs in this video testimonial.